We want to take a second and say thank you to the people who showed up for any of our events. A few years ago we came out of nowhere with a crazy idea for a conference because it just looked like that’s what the UX world needed. A bunch of you bought tickets, signed up to speak, showed up to volunteer, and supported our vision. Hopefully you’ve taken something away from a GIANT event that’s made you a better person. Thank you for giving us the opportunity.

We also want to thank the people who didn’t support us. In a weird way you helped us keep going when we were in the middle of a really rough time. We’re happy to say that we’ve been able to make good on all our commitments.

Even though we’re done with GIANT we believe that the tech world at large needs to do conferences in a better way. So get out there and support events that promote diversity and equality in your professions.

Stay rad.

Ant + Christian + Joel